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How It Works


I offer 8, 12, or 16 week programs, depending on your goals.

Each comprises a personally prescribed video training diary available on your mobile, tablet or PC.

For Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced.


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Don't just take my word for it...

About AEI

AEI is an online training portal designed to help educate the client about their body, training and nutrition. It addresses relevant aspects such as improving fitness and mobility, increasing strength and weight loss.

AEI Journey

AEI is tailored to the way the client moves giving the client a program that is specific to them. Clients can expect to receive videos of each exercise for the entire training period prescribed to their very own training diary as well as education on nutrition.


The screening process, conducted by way of video submission, allows me to identify your potential strengths and weaknesses. This then provides the basis for your programming, enabling me to tailor it specifically to you.


Each phase is specifically designed to compliment the next. The manipulation of variables throughout the course, including sets, reps and loads where applicable, will help induce developments in strength, fitness and changes to body composition.


Clients can communicate via the diary if they need assistance with an exercise or advice on nutrition. Videos can be uploaded at any point throughout the training period allowing me to give relevant feedback.